Trotline Crabbing

$26.00 - $900.00
  • Trotline Crabbing

Crabbing is FUN for the whole family!!! You keep all the crabs and we steam!

$900.00 for the first 6 people. An additional $130 per person over the initial 6 people. Price does not include Mate Tip which is typically 20% of overall Charter fee.*Captain must confirm charter date prior to booking. Call or text Captain Brandon Moore at 410-320-6254

Trotline is nothing more than a long line, resting on the bottom and anchored at both ends, to which a series of baits are attached at intervals of two to six feet. The baits are attached to the main line by simple slipknots or by shorter lines called dropper lines.

As the boat moves down the line, watch for crabs clinging to the bait and it’s your chance to dip and toss them into the basket! Its crazy fun and very competitive as your team will not want to loose any crabs in the process! Be quick, because the crabs will drop off the bait as soon as it breaks the surface. CRAB ON! The best part is you get to enjoy your own CRAB FEAST with friends and family!